Is Legal Sports Betting Coming to Massachusetts?

Is Legal Sports Betting Coming to Massachusetts?

Is Legal Sports Betting Coming to Massachusetts?After a long hiatus, the return of the NBA and the MLB is a huge event for sports betting fans. As sports betting is becoming more common in the U.S., states are also welcoming the return of sports. This is because it is a huge form of revenue for both the state and the sportsbooks. Thus, in these difficult times, states are looking towards Legal Sports Betting to help them fill their deficits. Therefore, Legal Sports Betting Coming to Massachusetts may not be far away.

According to a press conference yesterday, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker had his opinion about sports betting. This is because he believes that revenue from sports betting could help the state recover from the COVID-19 financial impact.

While he agrees that legal sports betting will generate revenue, he does not believe it will fix the budget deficit. However, he did say that even if it does not fix the deficit, it will help Massachusetts.  Thus, Sportsbook Pay Per Head Providers believe the sports betting topic will arise before the end of the legislative session.

Sports Betting Coming to Massachusetts is Desirable

Legalizing Sports Betting in Massachusetts is not a new topic for Governor Charlie Baker.  Earlier this year, his administration had made a push to legalize sports betting in casinos. Furthermore, the legislation would also include sports wagering online and thru mobile platforms. Unfortunately, for betting fans, the outbreak of the Coronavirus put a stop to it.  Thus, not much progress has been made since then.

According to this Bookie Pay Per Head Blog, this is just a temporary setback for sports betting in Massachusetts. This is because the gambling expansion in Massachusetts is an opportunity for them to invest in local aid.

In addition, until it becomes legal, Massachusetts is losing revenue as their citizens are going elsewhere to bet on sports. Thus, neighboring states Rhode Island and New Hampshire are taking away their sports betting revenue. Furthermore, the longer they wait, the harder it will be to dominate the competition even if they use a PPH Sportsbook Software.

Sports wagering proponents are hoping the topic will take place before the legislation ends at the end of the month. They believe now is a great time because of the $6-8 billion budget deficit Massachusetts is currently facing.

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