Best Sports for Live Betting

Bookie Tip: Best Sports for Live Betting

One of the most important aspects of becoming a bookie is knowing the wide variety of sports that you will be offering in your sportsbook. For some, learning the basics is enough. However, delving deeper into how different sports work with different wagers will allow you to be a more strategic bookie. There are a lot of betting options available for each sports type, but some sports tend to be more profitable, with the right type of wagers. Here are the best sports for live betting.

Live betting, or in game betting, is one of the most popular wagering options today. Pay Per Head software technology now allows bookies the opportunity to offer many betting options for a variety of sports events at the same time. This was an impractical option back then for bookies, since it would be hard to track the scores on multiple events at the same time. But now, its one of the biggest betting types in many online sportsbooks.

Best Sports for Live Betting

Best Sports for Live BettingOf course, basketball is one of the most popular sports people bet on – and this is on an international level. It’s not uncommon to see sportsbooks from Asia or Europe offering lines on NBA games. Basketball is also one of the most exciting sports for live betting. The easy way that a score can change throughout the game is one factor. Another is the dynamic during the game. The first half will give you more scoring, while the second half may be good for maintaining a lead or catching up, but we will most likely see defense dominate the second half. These dynamics make basketball a favorite in-game betting option.

Tennis is also a popular sport – mainly because underdog wins can happen anytime, and swiftly. This will give bookies the opportunity to offer enticing odds for live betting. Soccer is also a popular live betting sport, mainly due to the frequency of its matches. If you have been reading a bookie pay per head blog, then you know that bookies can earn quite a lot from a soccer season alone. Live betting is also popular because a draw is a possible outcome, and other wagering options make it quite exciting for soccer fans.

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