College Football Starts as Scheduled

Sportsbook News: Plans are Announced to Ensure College Football Starts as Scheduled

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA Council still plans on having college sports start on schedule. The council’s plans are announced to ensure college football starts as scheduled. There will be a four-phase plan that covers events this coming July.

The best pay per head sportsbooks are getting ready for the majority of professional sports leagues. However, collegiate sports is also one of the most popular sports to bet on. This makes the NCAA a very interesting topic for bookies and bettors alike.

College Football Starts as Scheduled

College Football Starts as ScheduledStarting July 13, players can begin communications and interaction with coaching staff to get everything started. Training camp will be starting on August 7. These dates may, however, be pushed up by a week for the teams which will compete in Week 0. By July 24, the league expects to see walkthroughs and team meetings, but with a 20 hour limit each week.

Traditionally, Week 1 happens during Labor Day Weekend. Player will have 20 hours per week of work. So their hours will be divided into 6 hour walkthroughs, 6 hour meetings, and 8 hours of strength and conditioning.

Other Measures for the League

So far, there are no announcements on changes in rules, schedules, and ticket sales. This means that attendance will most likely be limited to those essential to the job – but this can change anytime, and will depend on each conference.

And with athletes getting back in shape and field-ready, bookies are also busy getting their players back, and letting them know about upcoming sports events they can bet on. If you are asking, “is being a bookie profitable”, then the clamor of the public to see sports and sports betting activities resume is more than enough proof. Of course, your income will depend on how well you manage your sportsbook. So, always make sure that you are using the best tools in the industry.


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