Saudi Arabian Football Federation Vows to Fight Piracy

Saudi Arabian Football Federation Vows to Fight Piracy

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation is under fire after a World Trade Organization report. According to the report, the country failed to prevent issues regarding the broadcaster beoutQ. Also, several professional sports organizations accused the broadcaster of illegally broadcasting games in the Middle East.

The SAFF said that it understands the need to respect and protect intellectual property rights. Thus, it acknowledged that sporting rights are the lifeblood of professional sports. Also, it promised to fight piracy through its existing governing framework.

According to bookie pay per head reports, Saudi Arabia is trying to be a true partner of sports across the globe. The country wants to abide by the morals and ethics of FIFA. Also, the country vowed to go after websites illegally broadcasting games in the region.

Saudi Arabian Football Federation in Trouble

Saudi Arabian Football Federation Vows to Fight PiracySaudi Arabia’s actions are an attempt to convince the Premier League to greenlight the takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi company. In a statement, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property said that it would shut down more than 200 websites violating regulations and rights.

Based on sources of pay per head for agents, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund financed the proposed Newcastle takeover. PIF’s chairman is the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. At present, the proposal awaits the approval of the owners and directors of the Premier League teams. Also, they are looking at the background of the potential club owners.

According to the WTO report, the Saudi Arabia government allowed the operation of beoutQ. It failed to protect the intellectual property rights of the legal broadcasters. Thus, the WTO asked the country to follow international standards.

At present, the rights to air Premier League games belong to beIN Sports. BeIN is based in Qatar. However, Saudi Arabia denied helping beoutQ with its operations.

Critics accused Saudi Arabia of sports washing, which is improving one’s reputation through international sports events or investing in major sports organizations. According to the Saudi government, they are just diversifying their investments.

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