Sportsbook News: Premier League Clubs Will Return to Training

Sportsbook News: Premier League Clubs Will Return to Training

Sportsbook News: Premier League Clubs Will Return to TrainingThis week, all 20 English Premier League (EPL) clubs agreed to return to training and comply with Project Restart measures. Action on EPL matches will continue to rise, to the delight of sportsbook pay per head bookies, in the next few weeks. This is because the proposed restart date of the EPL is on June 12. Of course, as Premier League clubs will return to training despite the pandemic, a set of guidelines must be followed.

The Premier League has been on a break for more than two months already. Its last match was Leicester winning over Aston Villa 4-0 back in March 9. The clubs all agreeing to return to training signifies the league’s commitment to reopen the season as soon as it is safe to do so. The short break from sports that we are seeing due to the coronavirus pandemic may finally come to an end. This is because a lot of governments are slowly restarting their respective economies. If anything, this is the perfect time to learn how to become a legal bookie. Once the sports industry returns, bookies will be earning a lot. Especially since bettors have missed betting on their favorite sports and teams.

Premier League Clubs Will Return to Training: Will All Players Play?

The league has a solid plan- measures are to be strictly followed to ensure everyone’s safety. Testing is part of the conditions to return and continue playing. In addition, training sessions will only have a maximum number of players at a time. But even with the stringent measures, some players are not willing to return. Sergio Aguero, Kevin de Bruyne, and Raheem Sterling from Manchester are particularly concerned at returning to training and resuming the season early.

Hopefully, more players will be more open to the idea of returning to training, especially since other sports leagues are already resuming their seasons. For instance, Germany’s Bundesliga is also returning and resuming its operations. Bookies are also getting ready as sports leagues in the US, such as the MLB and NBA, are getting ready to begin, and resume their respective seasons. For updates on which leagues will be back, and when the first games will be, check out the official Price Per Player blog.

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