Steps to Become a Legal Bookie

Steps to Become a Legal Bookie

Steps to Become a Legal BookieAs sports betting is slowly becoming legal throughout the United States, many bookies are looking into acquiring sports betting licenses. However, the Steps to Become a Legal Bookie are numerous and will vary depending on your location. Thus, to make things easier for you, here are the basic steps to take for those wanting to become a Legal Bookie in your state.

Just keep in mind that at the moment, only 11 states have legal sports betting within their borders. Therefore, you may not be able to acquire a sports gambling license for your sports wagering operation in your area.

Of course, if you are looking to get a sports betting license on an international level, they are several options.  This is because several countries do offer gambling licenses which include Antigua, the Philippines, Europe and Asia. The requirements will vary.  However, in most cases, it is just a matter of paying the fee and filling out the application.

Steps to Becoming a Legal Bookie or Sportsbook

Most countries and states have a Gambling Commission or regulatory body that gives out and approves new sports betting licenses. Therefore, the Steps to Becoming a Legal Bookie or Sportsbook are already set in stone. However, here are the general step to Become a Legal Bookie that most regulatory body follow.

Step 1. Applying for a Sports Betting License

We recommend using a local lawyer that specializes in sports betting and gambling laws.  This is because every state and country have very specific rules before you can even apply for a license.  In most cases, the fee will include:

  • Application fee
  • Licensing Fee
  • Monthly Revenue tax

Furthermore, you will have to submit documents such as banking information, criminal record, corporate charter, business plan and so on. In addition, you will have to submit financial information as they have to make sure you are financially stable.  See how much money you need to be a legal bookie.

Step 2. Have the Correct Sports Betting Software

Have the Correct Sports Betting SoftwareIn order to successfully get a sports betting license, bookies will need to meet several technical requirements. The sports betting software is one of them as it must have a certification from an audit company.  In addition, it must a have specific website sections, backup storage and of course adequate security measures.

This is where the Bookie Pay Per Head Solution comes into play.  This is because our software and services meet all of the requirements by most countries. In addition, we also offer a POS system right out of the box for physical bet taking.

The best part about using to open a Legal Bookie Business is that you can get started immediately.  This is because we already have the sports betting platform and infrastructure ready to go.  The best part is that we only charge $5 per player which means you get a cost-efficient quality sportsbook.

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