2019 College Bowl Betting Tutorial

2019 College Bowl Betting Tutorial

College Bowl Betting TutorialNow that the regular College Football Season is over, it’s time to bet on the college football bowls.  Furthermore, this year the College Bowl season is from December 20 until January 13 and PricePerPlayer.com wants to help you.  Thus, we give you our Guide to NCAA Bowl Betting which is an easy to understand College Bowl Betting Tutorial.

At first glance, it seems like an impossible task to bet on all 40 NCAA games and handicap them properly.  However, it is possible to make good guesses by looking at football picks and reading sports betting predictions.

The most important part to remember is to have fun doing it.  Sports betting is a great way to add more excitement to the game while making money at the same time.  This is why Pay Per Head companies and bookies do so well at selling their services. So, without further ado, here is our 2019 College Bowl Betting Tutorial!

The Best College Bowl Betting Tutorial

Betting on the Money Line

This is the simplest bet available where you bet which team will win the matchup. Before making a money line wager, take a gander at the two teams in the matchup.  The team that is the favorite will show a “- “before the odds. On the other hand, the underdog will have a “+”.

Thus, college football bowl odds will look like this:

  • Team A -200
  • Team B +150

This means that if you want to bet on Team A, you have to Bet $200 to win $100.  If you want to bet on Team B, you bet $100 to win $150.

Betting on the College Football Bowl Point Spread

This type of bet is also very popular amongst sports bettors. Point Spread betting is simply an impairment or handicap to make bettors wager on both sides of the bet.  Ideally, it makes the betting 50/50 on each side. For instance, a bookmaker may offer the accompanying point spread on a football game between Team A and Team B.  Since Team A is the favorite team, they have a point spread of -3.5.  This means that in order to win the bet on the Falcons, they have to win by over 3.5 points.

On the other hand, if you bet on Team B at +3.5 then you win if they do not lose by more than 3.5 points.  Of course, if they win the game then you also win your bet.

Betting on College Bowl Totals

Betting on College Bowl Totals is another popular type of wager.  You are basically betting on whether the total combined final score of each team will be higher or lower.  Here is an example, the total for a matchup between Team A and Team B is 48.5.  Thus, it means that you bet on whether the final score of both teams will be over or under that number.

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