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Bookie Tips: Things to Watch in Line Management

Most people who run sportsbooks have to learn line management. And while most bookies will learn a lot from bookie tutorials, there are a few key things to really focus on. First, is player management. Second, is line management.

How does a bookie pay per head work, and how does it come into play here? First off, your pay per head software will provide the tools that you will need to run your sportsbook. Your players will get a website to bet on, while you will have your dashboard, where you can easily manage your lines and players in a click of a button.

Line Management Tips: Home Games

bookie tutorialOne of the biggest challenges for bookies, especially new ones, is Home Game wagers. When your operations are centered geographically, you always run this risk. Home game wagers are basically bets on sports events that bet on the home team of this sport. This will happen more often if you have a lot of recreational betters. Your vig is supposed to take care of the overhead costs and your profit margin as well. But by managing your home games’ lines, you can also stand to earn more.

Sometimes, bookies will put a bit more incentive for players to bet on a home game. And while this strategy usually works, it may also cause problems if the home team keeps winning. So even though you can adjust your lines a bit, try to still balance your book. While this is a good strategy for a quick buck, it may not be the best option for the long-term.

Prop Bets Timing

Prop bets can be a bit hard for those starting out, especially when you don’t have a lot budgeted to bankroll your book. Its usually suggested to keep prop bets at a minimum if you are still starting out. And should you choose to accept prop bets, try to keep 5-1 and up plays to a minimum. Limit your bets by max loss to not break the bank. If you can manage to play prop bets well, it can pay off really well.

Skewing Lines

Some bookies want to adjust their lines to make it attractive to players, especially new ones. While this can be a nice way to start building a good relationship, it wont be feasible in the long run. Also, if you do this, make sure your limits or offers are per player. Mass editing can help, but the best pay per head bookie software will have the option for you to personalize your setting for each player.