MBL trade rumors

MLB Trade Rumors

The Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the most profitable sports leagues in the US. And just like any sport, trade deadlines are being watched carefully by both punters and bookies. Action on the actual trades are high as always, but futures wagers are also underway. Much of what will happen in the next few days that leads up to the trade deadline is important. Which is why we have our MLB trade rumors to help us out.

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MLB Trade Rumors

It’s less than a week before the deadline, and yet we haven’t been hearing much yet. So far, we know that the prices for Trevor Bauer and Noah Syndergaard are quite high. This means that the Indians and the Mets will be looking at the numbers and seeing about starting pitching. These two are good trades if these clubs want to get a lot of bang for the buck, after all.

You also have the Royal’s Whit Merrifield, who has gotten interest from the Braves, Phillies and the Cubs. The Royals may have set Merrifield’s price tag so high so they could get to keep him for now. Jake Diekman is also a name that’s getting a lot of attention now. What we do know, is that Astros Tyler White will join the Dodgers. The Yankees will also be trading with the Twins for Brian Navarreto.