Rich Athlete Sportsbook News: Ronaldo Tops Instagram Rich List for Sports

Rich Athlete Sportsbook News: Ronaldo Tops Instagram Rich List for Sports

Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo topped the Instagram rich list. Companies pay him $975,000 for every sponsored post on the platform. In fact, he commands the price because he has the most followers on the platform.

Soccer players took the top four spots of the Instagram rich list. Brazilian Neymar Jr came in second with $722,000 for a post. The third is Lionel Messi, who gets $648,000 per post to promote a brand or product.

David Beckham might have retired from soccer but still has more than 57 million followers on Instagram. He gets $357,000 for brand deals. The fifth is the first non-soccer player, Lebron James. He earns $272,000 for each sponsored post.

Instagram Rich List for Sports

Ronaldo has more followers on his Instagram account than that of his team, Juventus. At present, he has around 177 million followers. On the other hand, the Italian club has 29.5 million followers.

Brands choose to pay big money to professional athletes because they have a wide audience. Companies think they are worth all the penny they paid for the sponsored posts. If you create a sportsbook and want it to grow fast, look for the right influencer. Paying one to advertise your services might be more effective than any marketing campaign.

The only non-basketball or soccer player in the top ten is India’s cricket captain Virat Kholi. He earns around $200,000 for every sponsored post on Instagram. The highest-ranked female on the list is former UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey. The WWE wrestler is 15th and gets $67,000 per post. Serena Williams is in 16th place and charges $60,500 for a sponsored update.

Do you want to be rich but not athletic enough to become a professional player? Then learn how a pay per head works today. Owning a bookie business might be your key to a wealthier future.