Sportsbooks to Be Seen in Indiana Soon

In the latest gambling news, Indiana passes a sports betting bill towards the end of the legislative session. This is a large expansion bill for gaming in the state. Of course, pph sportsbook operators know the market in gambling in the US, so legalizing sports betting is a step that lawmakers take to monetize the industry as well.

The bill, which is House Bill 1015, or HB1015, is quite a controversial bill. This is mostly because the bill will change the gaming industry in Indiana. The bill, among other things, will allow for mobile sports wagers.

Sportsbooks in Indiana

Most industry experts are looking at this as a problem to riverboat casinos, as people can just simply place their wagers online. There are two riverboat casinos, the Majestic Star 1, and the Majestic Star 2. These two casinos will be relocating to land-based operations. Some lawmakers think that this could pose a problem with the new legislation and land-based casinos.

But the bill also looks at other aspects of the gaming industry, such as having live table games in racetracks. There are also changes in the limits of the number of casinos an operator can have in a state. Previous laws are 2 casinos, the bill proposes up to 6.

Of course, politics can come into play here, especially since the bill is now in the hands of Governor Eric Holcomb. Previous news reports tell of a close relationship between the Governor and Spectacle, the operators behind the riverfront casinos. The bill also includes a slightly complicated aspect that could be beneficial for spectacle. This means that the opposition of the governor will be saying something when Governor Holcomb signs the bill unto law.

Politics aside, this is great news for the online sports betting industry, as there is another US state joining the list of states offering sports betting, especially mobile sports betting.