Pay Per Head News: UH Coach Investigation Linked to National Initiative

Pay Per Head News: UH Coach Investigation Linked to National Initiative

The US Center for Safe Sport suspended Charlie Wade, the University of Hawaii volleyball coach, for eight months now. However, the organization hasn’t completed the UH coach investigation yet.

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Safe Sport’s Centralized Disciplinary Database has a list of coaches and coaching staff sanctioned for sexual wrongdoings. Its created is a response to the USA Gymnastics sex abuse case in which team doctor Larry Nassar molested hundreds of girls for almost 30 years.

Although advocates for sexual abuse survivors say making the list public is a good thing, it should not take them eight months to conduct the UH coach investigation. If the allegations were true, then the investigation should not be that long.

UH Coach Investigation

Pay Per Head News: UH Coach Investigation Linked to National InitiativeSome critic said that Safe Sport should first determine the culpability of the person before placing them on the list. In addition, there must be a good reason why the person is part of it. However, being part of the suspension list doesn’t always mean a person is guilty. In some instances, it means the allegations are serious. It is to inform the athletes and their parents.

In the UH coach investigation, there are allegations of Wade’s sexual misconducts that happened around 30 years ago. It was when he coached a team on the mainland. However, his lawyer told sports news reporters, that no other player corroborated with the accuser’s claims. In addition, the lawyer asked Safe Sport why his client was still part of the list.

Safe Sport told the lawyer that they will check with their investigators. However, Wade’s camp didn’t get any update from the investigators. The organization declined to provide a comment on an ongoing investigation.