The Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution

The Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution is one of the best Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution in the sports betting industry.  However, can we say that we are the Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution on the current market? Let’s find out by seeing if our PPH Services have all of the qualities necessary to create the perfect sportsbook.

According to several gambling and entrepreneurial reports, these are the necessary qualities for a sportsbook to be successful.

Characteristic of the Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services

Great coverage of betting Markets with a Focus on Live In-Game Betting

Great coverage of betting MarketsA great sportsbook must have a broad coverage of all major sporting events in the world. Furthermore, it should also include multiple sports regions on a national and international level.

Most Pay Per Head offers that but in order to have the Ultimate sportsbook it needs to go beyond that.  Thus, you want a Sportsbook PPH that is also able to deliver other sports as well as local sporting event. This is because sports bettors are looking for multiple betting options other than the main matches.

This is where the Live In-Game Betting comes into play.  In the early days of Live Betting, sportsbook mostly gave the options of prop bets.  Today, the Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head will offer thousands of live betting options adding more excitement to the game. offers all of its clients all of the above and more.  In addition, we are constantly adding more sports market to betting platform to stay ahead of the competition.

Excellent Price for Better Return on Investment

Excellent Price for Better Return on InvestmentOne of the most important reasons for bookies choosing to use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head is to save money. However, cheaper is not always better nor does expensive always mean better quality. This is because a cheap Pay Per Head does not always include all of the features necessary for a successful sportsbook.

On the other hand, an expensive service may provide you with all of the features necessary for a successful sportsbook. However, it could mean that it could lower your ROI (Return on Investment) and in some cases create a loss.

Thus, it is a balancing act on the part of the Pay Per Head Provider to price itself so that both parties are winners.  This is why excels at being the Ultimate Sportsbook PPH in terms of price per head.

For only $5 per player, you get all of the features of an expensive PPH and even extra features not available anywhere else.  Thus, by using bookies and agents are able to maximize their ROI.

Excellent Sports Betting and Gambling Platform

Excellent Sports Betting and Gambling PlatformMost Pay Per Head providers for the North American Gambling Market use DGS or ASI.  This is because both sports betting software are very flexible and easy to use.  The PPH providers that stand out are the ones that have gone the extra mile to improve these softwares.

This is another area where is the leader of the pack.  We are constantly adding and improving features on the DGS software for a better bookie and player experience.

If you look at our Pay Per Head Demo you will see that we offer more features and more in-depth reports than the competition.  In addition, we have made the software our own by making it more user friendly and easier to understand.

Needless to say, we truly shine when it comes to our sports betting software and platform.

Other Features for the Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution

Of course, having a successful sportsbook is much more complex than that.  This is because it also involves a large degree of managerial skills and the right marketing campaign.  However, makes things easier for you because we also are the top when it comes to:

  • Customer Service and Support – We provide the best customer service and IT support in the business. This is because we have an experience staff of customer service representative with decades of experience in the gambling industry.  Furthermore, all of our employees undergo a rigid training to ensure they know our product in and out.
  • Attractive Website – We continuously create more website templates for different gambling market. In addition, all of our sportsbook websites are attractive and eye catching.  And Last, we can also custom make websites to fit all of your needs.
  • Security – uses a state-of-the-art data center with multiple layers of protection. This includes generator back, multiple servers in different location, data encryption and an advance 7 layer firewall

In conclusion, PricePerPlayer is the Ultimate Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution as we excel in all of the features necessary to be a successful bookie.

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