March Madness Betting: How Does Selection Sunday Work?

March Madness Betting: How Does Selection Sunday Work?

March Madness is the busiest time for college basketball betting. At this point in the season, we are already seeing conference finals being held, and by this weekend, the bracket will be partially filled. Selection Sunday will then fill in the blanks, and give us the final bracket. If you are new to basketball betting, what is this event, and how does Selection Sunday work?

If you look at the March Madness schedule, Selection Sunday is first on the list. After all, the NCAA basketball tournament championship cannot happen without the final bracket. Most teams in the league will know if they will be in or out of the tournament. And to those with guaranteed slots, they will finally know what seed they will be and where they will play.

Seeding is important because a team’s schedule and match up schedule can determine an easy or hard road to the Finals. This is why in our bookie pay per head blog, we will give you the basics of Selection Sunday so you can adjust your lines as needed.

What is Selection Sunday?

March Madness Betting: How Does Selection Sunday Work?For this season, Selection Sunday will be on March 17, Sunday, where the NCAA will release the full bracket, plus the match ups for every first-round game. That means on Sunday, as soon as this will be revealed, your sportsbook will be offering opening lines for Round One of the tournament. As long as you are using the best sportsbook pay per head service to manage your sportsbook, then you can be assured that you will have the best betting lines for your players.

For Selection Sunday, a 12-person committee will decide on who will join the tournament, as well as the seeding. The committee is made up of school athletic directors as well as conference commissioners. For this event, they will finalize 68 teams that will join the tournament, including the eight teams that will play the First Four games.

How Does Selection Sunday Work?

The winners of the 32 conferences automatically get a spot in the tournament, regardless of their record this season. There will be 36 slots left, and the committee will determine who will fill these at-large bids. The committee will be looking at the record of the teams, as well as other factors. A key factor is the NET ranking. This will look at the team’s record and resume, ranking all of the teams. Then the games will be divided into four quadrants and their record will be viewed.

In this process, it will not matter what conference a team comes from, so you can have all teams in a conference go, or an entire conference could be skipped- although both scenarios are unlikely.

How to They Determine the Seeding?

Once the 68 teams are selected, they will be ranked from 1-68. The first four will be No. 1 seeds, 5-8 will be No. 2 seeds, and so on. The four lowest-ranked teams will play in the First Four games as 16 seeds, then the four lowest at-large teams will play the other First Four games.

The committee will then place these teams and assign them in a location. Naturally, higher seeds get better locations. There will be restrictions and rules to follow, but generally that is the process they will use.

Selection Sunday Opens March Madness

March Madness Betting: How Does Selection Sunday Work?Once the final list and bracket is announced, teams will prepare for the tournament. The 2024 NCAA Tournament will be as follows:

  • March 19-20: First Four
  • March 21-22: First Round
  • March 23-24: Second Round
  • March 28-29: Sweet 16
  • March 30-31 Elite Eight
  • April 6: Final Four
  • April 8: NCAA Championship Game

There will be a lot of betting options for college basketball’s most exciting tournament, and it will be very profitable for bookies. And since revolutionizes the pay per head industry with even more software upgrades for your bookie software, you will easily earn more with March Madness betting.


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