2023 US Legal Sports Betting Update

2023 US Legal Sports Betting Update

As 2023 is coming to an end, this year has been a good year for the sports betting industry. For our 2023 US Legal Sports Betting Update, we will go over the legal sports wagering expansions that took place. Overall, gamblers got to see 6 states that either made sports betting legal or had sportsbooks launch within their borders.

2023 US Legal Sports Betting Update – 12 States Without Legal Sports BettingAccording to sports betting analysts, online sports betting relaunching in Florida had the biggest impact in the industry. Technically, Sports betting in Florida became legal in 2021. However, some parties were against it and it went all of the way to the Supreme Court. This is because it brought in question the legality of the Betting company between Florida and the Seminole Tribes.

In the end, the Court of Appeal made their ruling in favor of the Seminole Tribe. Thus, it brought a precedent for any other Tribes and states looking to go that same route.

As of today, a total of 38 states and Washington D.C. have made sports betting legal within their borders. Out of those, Vermont has legal sports gambling but their program has not gone live yet.

States with legal sports betting have had a lot of success with it and not showing any signs of stopping. Furthermore, DraftKings is the biggest sportsbook in the U.S with FanDuel in 2nd place and Caesars sportsbook in third place.

2023 US Legal Sports Betting Update – 12 States Without Legal Sports Betting

The majority of states without legal sports betting option have made attempts to legalize it. However, there remains many holdouts due to internal conflicts. For example, sports betting software companies thought California would be the next step to legalize it. However, conflicts between the tribes and sportsbooks made it fail.

Georgia has had many sports betting bills come close to passing but fell short due to competing political pressure.  In addition, Minnesota has also had several betting bills go thru their legislation but without any avail. However, we can expect another push to legalize it next year.

In Missouri, Senator Denny Hoskings has been the major obstruction against it. This is not because he is against sports betting. Rather, it is because he wants the inclusion of legal video lottery terminals as part of the bill.

last but not least, Texas was unable to legalize sports wagering in 2023. Even though the bill did pass the House, it did not make it pass the Senate. Unfortunately, sports betting will not be back n 2025 which is when the legislature next meets.

As to the remaining states, they do not seem to show any strong interest in legalizing sports betting.

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