Illinois Sportsbooks Set Another Sports Betting Record in October

Illinois Sportsbooks Set Another Sports Betting Record in October

In the latest news in our bookie blog, Illinois sportsbooks set another sports betting record in October. The state releases their reports a bit later than other states, but if the numbers are good, then there won’t be any complaints. Especially if Illinois sportsbooks set another record with a total monthly betting handle of $1.17 billion for October.

This breaks the previous record of $1.08 billion in September, and is also the seventh month that the state’s sportsbooks have taken in more than a billion in wagers in a month. So if you want to become a bookie and earn from betting like these sportsbooks do, this sportsbook pay per head software is the perfect tool for you.


Illinois Sportsbooks Continue to Thrive

Illinois Sportsbooks Set Another Sports Betting Record in OctoberAside from using online marketing techniques for sportsbooks, there are other reasons that sportsbooks are seeing a record-high number in betting. October was a smorgasbord of betting options for players. During this month, bettors could choose any wager they want from games in the NFL, the NBA, College football, the NHL, and the MLB playoffs. That does not even mention other sports leagues and events that boost the handle, like that of racing, tennis, and the like.

The betting handle is not the only statistic to rise for the state as well. The adjusted gross revenue for sportsbooks in Illinois are showing a 10% year-over-year increase. It is also 31% higher than that of the previous month. $112.7 million is a great number to see for revenue, even if the hold is just at 9.7%. the state also gets to collect more in taxes, to the tune of almost $17 million.

As to where bettors place their wagers, the trend is still the same. Retail or brick-and-mortar sportsbooks collect around $6.4 million in wagers. Online sportsbooks, however, rake in the majority at $1.13 billion out of the total handle for the month. As always, this proves the popularity and dominance of online sports betting. So, even a sportsbook with small operations can easily turn in a tidy profit, since bettors prefer to place bets through their phones or other devices.


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