Rangers Win Game 1 of 2023 World Series

Rangers Win Game 1 of 2023 World Series

The 2023 World Series features one of the most unexpected match ups in recent years: the Texas Rangers versus the Arizona Diamondbacks. Those who were able to get in on the action through their betting software are lucky to see such an interesting, and lucrative series for the Fall Classic.

If you look at the betting lines for the game, most sportsbooks had the Rangers down as the favorites to win Game 1. If you want to know how betting lines or odds are made and managed, these bookie tutorials can help you. For baseball betting, handicapping seems easy, but it is not. For this game through, the score, however, is the kicker here.

The game started out with an almost uncertain outcome, and eventually leading to a 5-3 Diamondbacks lead into the ninth inning. The Diamondbacks played well, but were mostly small ball plays. They were able to steal four bases. Tommy Pham hit the only home run in the game.

2023 World Series: Game 1 a Preview of the Final?

Rangers Win Game 1 of 2023 World SeriesBut the Rangers do seem to be the stronger team here. Remember that the Rangers are fourth in the regular season in home runs with 233. They are 22nd in sac bunts with 10 for the year. The Rangers also did not rely on just a couple of players to do the big work. They have at least 10 players who hit 10. They also have 7 players with at least 17 homers. Even as a Wild Card team, they are performing quite well in the league.

Corey Seager, shortstop for the Rangers, had a runner on first, bringing the game to a tie. And in the 1th inning, Adolis Garcia was in the field, and gave a happy fan a free ball, and a pretty enthusiastic walk off to win the game. Those into betting should note that Garcia has homered in five straight games, putting him in the second place for the all-time record. Given how the Rangers are showing how good they are individually and as a team, many are wondering if the outcome of Game 1 is a preview of what is to come.

Regardless of who will win the series, you can earn from betting on either side if you own a sportsbook. You can read the guides, learn about line management, about banking options for online sportsbooks, and other important aspects of being a bookie.


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