2023 Asian Games Preview

2023 Asian Games Preview

2023 Asian Games PreviewThe Asian Games is a continental multi-sport competition between athletes from all over Asia. Also known as Asiad, this sporting event that is held every 4 years like the Olympics. While it is not well-known in the rest of the world, it remains a popular event to bet on. In our 2023 Asian Games Preview, we will go over what to expect and its importance to gamblers and sportsbooks.

According to sports news, the Asian Games will begin on September 23 and end on Sunday, October 8 2023. Originally, the Asian games were to be held in 2022 in Hangzhou, in the Zhejiang Province of China. Hangzhou, China. However, due to the COVID pandemic the games they had to postpone the games to 2023.

With over 4.7 billion people and making up 60% of the world population, Asia is a huge market for bookmakers. Therefore, the Asian Games is ideal for bookmakers and sportsbooks trying to increase their sports betting handle.

Sports gambling experts expect China to dominate the games and win the most numbers of medals. In fact, China has been dominating the Asian Games for the last 40 years. Afterwards, Japan and South Korea have been the countries with the most medal respectively.

2023 Asian Games Preview – Sporting Events and Betting

According to bookie pay per head providers, the Asian Games is a major sporting event that cannot be forgotten. This is because in terms of athletes, it overshadows the Olympics with over 12,000 athletes representing their nations. In fact, this is more than the 10,500 athletes that will be competing in the 2024 Paris Olympic!

One of the reasons the number of athletes participating in the competition is the number of sporting events. In fact, many of the sports and games in the Asia Games are not found in the Olympics. Of course, gamblers will find the usual track and field, football, volleyball and an exciting opening and closing ceremony. However, out of 481 events, fans will be able to watch games that are more local and regional.

These include events like squash, dragon boat racing, wushu (kung fu), Kabaddi and sepaktkraw, which is volleyball without using hands. Furthermore, there will also be games of intelligences like xianqi (Chinese chess), bridge and chess amongst others.

According to sports betting experts, having such a variety of games gives smaller delegations a chance at a medal. Unlike the Olympics, which is very rare for a small delegation to ever win a medal. For those who will be betting on the Asian Games, expect China to win in swimming, wushu and gymnastics. South Korea on the other hand is the favorite to win gold in most archery event.

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Controversy about the Asian Games

Organizers of the Asian Games said that North Korea will also be participating and send 191 participants. In addition, Taiwan will also be participating but will be participating as Chinese Taipe instead of Taiwan, an independent country.

Last but not least is the current economic situation in China which has put a damper on Chinese enthusiasm. This is because after 3 years of COVID, a housing crisis and an economic slowdown is taking a toll on Chinese citizens.  Therefore, many are questioning the cost of the Asian Games with its $30 billion price tag in the five years through 2020.

Therefore, many Chinese say that the money would have been better spent on youth. Especially since many young people are having trouble find a job. However, the people of Hangzhou seem very happy as the construction and infrastructure has been good for them.

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