Kentucky Online Sports Betting Market Launches Next Week

Kentucky Online Sports Betting Market Launches Next Week

In the latest gambling news, let’s head on over to the southeastern side of the US. We will give you our preview of the soon-to-launch Kentucky online sports betting market. To refresh your memory, online sports betting in the state will begin on September 28. Even prior to the launch, residents can now pre-register their accounts. Residents may also place deposits in advance. Aside from the launch date, let us also take a look at other developments in the state.

When you are becoming a bookie, knowing what people can bet on is very important. This is because it can tell you the size of the market you are getting into, or competing with. For instance, in some places, sports betting is allowed. But, they ban college sports betting. This gives sportsbooks a limit on what they can earn from. Which of course, could lead to lower numbers compared with sportsbooks that offer college betting. For Kentucky, regulators want to diversify the portfolio of sportsbooks.

Kentucky Online Sports Betting: Expectations

Kentucky Online Sports Betting Market Launches Next WeekThe Kentucky Sports Wagering Advisory Council met on Thursday, and they agree to add other events that are popular with bettors. These are events that you would typically find in a sportsbook pay per head service that offers a diverse selection of betting options. Aside from local sports and national sports events, there are additional leagues and tournaments held internationally, and more. The events the council added include Formula 1 racing, Australia and New Zealand’s National Rugby League, the Professional Fighters League and Bellator (mixed martial arts organizations), and UTR Pro Tennis tour.

The openness of the advisory council shows us that they are willing to consider ways to support the growing market and help improve their performance. We could possibly see more events like you would in a sportsbook that uses a good Pay Per Head Bookie service. After all, offering a wider selection of wagers will provide sportsbooks with a wider source of revenue as well.

However, the council is clear that non-sporting events will not be allowed in sportsbooks. As you know, sportsbooks can also offer a slew of wagers that are outside of the field of sports. Events like award shows, pageants, and even the elections are not spared from betting. For now, it is very exciting to see online wagering in the state, so even with limits, industry insiders are looking at better numbers for the state for the next month, or the first full month of online wagering in Kentucky.


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