Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NFL Preseason

Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NFL Preseason

Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NFL PreseasonThis year, the 2023 NFL Preseason will start on August 10 and end on August 27, 2023. While these are just warm-up exhibition games, quite a bit of betting still takes place on these matches. Of course, not as much as regular season games but enough to serve as an appetizer.  The smart and successful bookies will take advantage of these games to increase their monthly sports betting handle. Therefore, is your Sportsbook Ready for the NFL Preseason?

The 2023 NFL Preseason will have 23 games and all but two teams will play three preseason games. This is because Cleveland and New York will each play participation in the Hall of Fame Game on August third. For a bookie, this is a great chance to make some quick cash before the actual season begins. However, the amount of revenue a bookie makes will depend on how much they prepare for it.

In order to prepare for the NFL preseason, bookies need to ensure that their sportsbook website and infrastructure is up-to-date.

Is Your Sportsbook Ready for the NFL Preseason – Preseason Bookie Checklist

Go Over your List of Players – The first thing you should do is go over your list of players that bet on football. This is important as now is the time to remind them that you are ready to take their bet. In addition, include a special early bird bonus as part of their reminder to reup their account.

Advertising the NFL Preseason – Your competitors are already doing it so why are you not doing it already? Everybody new player your competitors acquire is one less customer for your business. Therefore, start advertising the NFL Preseason on social media, send out email blast, and whatever else you can think of. Of course, don’t forget to advertise your NFL Preseason bonus!

Setting and Adjusting Your Betting Odds Correctly – NFL Preseason odds are somewhat difficult to get right because of many factors. This is because in the end, these are just exhibition games to give rookies their first taste of the NFL. In addition, coaches do not want their star players to be hurt. Thus, they will be very careful on how to use them, if at all.

Needless to say, setting and watching the Preseason odds will be the key to making a profit. However, if you use the Bookie PPH service, it comes complete with a Pre-Game Lines Service. Hence, they do all of the work for you!

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