NFL Preseason Preview

NFL Preseason Preview

If you want to become a bookie, then you should probably start getting the latest updates on the NFL. It is, after all, the most popular sports league in sportsbooks across the country. Today, we’ll bring you our NFL Season Preview. Get an idea of what to expect for all 32 teams in the 2023 preseason. The preseason starts this coming Thursday, so expect a little football action in sportsbooks are bettors warm up for the season.

The preseason will begin with the Hall of Fame game, which will be held in Canton, Ohio on Thursday. It will be between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns The sportsbook pay per head industry will be ready for lines for these games, even it its not the regular season. You can stand to earn from these games, so make sure you know the schedule well.

NFL Preseason Preview for Sports Betting

NFL Preseason PreviewAugust 3 will be the Hall of Fame Game, and Week 1 of the preseason officially begins them followed by August 10-13, where you will see exciting games like the Green Bay Packers facing the Cincinnati Bengals on August 11. The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Baltimore Ravens on August 12. Then, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. These are only a few out of a dozen games, and only the first week.

Your sportsbook pay per head software will get even busier as we move to Week 2, which starts on August 17 all through August 21. Meanwhile, Week 3, the final week, will start on August 24, and will go all the way up to August 27, with the Houston Texans playing at New Orleans Saints. This has more than enough games to keep bettors happy until the 2023 regular season starts in September.

As for the NFL 2023 Season, the Kickoff game will be on September 7, with the defending Champions Kansas City playing against Detroit. The regular season will end on January 7, 2024. Meanwhile, the playoffs are set to begin on January 13, and will end in the Super Bowl LVIII in Nevada on February 11, 2024.


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