Macau Casinos See Best Month in Gambling Since Pandemic

Macau Casinos See Best Months in Gambling Since Pandemic

One of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic were entertainment facilities, and retail gambling. And for a place like Macau, whose labor and tourism industry is heavily dependent on gambling, it was hard. When Covid-19 lockdowns ensued in the early part of 2020, the casino floors in Macau were all but empty. But since then, Macau has bounced back. And this February, Macau casinos see their best month in gambling since 2020.

According to the local government’s Statistics and Census Bureau, over 1.59 million people visited Macau in February. This is 14% higher than January, when the casino capital of the region saw 1.4 million visitors. Those who use a good sportsbook pay per head software know that while traffic does not guarantee revenue, it is still a huge indicator of interest from your customer base.

Macau Casinos See Better Numbers

Macau Casinos See Best Month in Gambling Since PandemicFebruary 2023’s numbers are also 143% higher than February 2022, when only 655,500 people visited Macau. Since Covid-19 necessitated a lot of lockdowns, people were not able to travel easily. But since the country ended their zero-Covid policy back in November, traveling has been easier, and Macau has seen a steady increase in tourism since then.

Much like how opening a sportsbook through makes it easy, so is going to Macau. Chinese mainlanders who wish to visit Macau may now resume to apply for their visa online.

As for casinos, they won over $1.43 billion in January, and $1.28 billion in February. The numbers we are seeing is great, and exceeds the expectations of those in the industry. Many bookie pay per head blog analysts do believe that these numbers are actually still low for Macau. The region will continue to gain an increase in tourism and gambling activity as the months go on. Keep in mind that as far back as 2019, more than 3.5 million people visited Macau. So, there is room for more income for gambling in Macau.


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