What to Expect in Your NCAA Final Four Sportsbook Action

What to Expect in Your NCAA Final Four Sportsbook Action

Finally, after one of the most exciting weeks in college basketball, we are now at the Final Four. We’ll talk about what to expect in your NCAA Final Four sportsbook action with the two upcoming games this weekend. For those who are running their own sportsbook, tracking sportsbook players and their basketball wagers will be important until game day. Many handicappers expect the two match ups to be some of the most interesting games we will see in college basketball. This means that there is much to win here, for both sports bettors and bookies.

NCAA Final Four Sportsbook Action: Kansas Versus Villanova

What to Expect in Your NCAA Final Four Sportsbook ActionFirst up, we have Kansas versus Villanova. Taking a look at Kansas’ road to the Final Four, you will notice that they have had an easier path to the championships. They beat Texas Southern, Creighton, Providence, and Miami. Some experts think that Kansas could just have been lucky, however, handicappers put them as favorites to win the game at -4.5.

Of course, this could be due to Villanova losing guard Justin Moore, who has a torn Achilles tendon. The Wildcats were already using a six-man rotation, and losing Moore will definitely have Villanova shuffling around more. Prop Bets may be a safer option, especially if you go for player prop bets. For bookies who want to offer more betting options for their players, there are solutions for sportsbooks that will make this very easy and manageable. Especially for high-traffic games like this.

Duke Versus North Carolina

Looking at their previous games, we noticed a little something worth noting. Duke won a game at North Carolina (87-67), while North Carolina won at Duke (94-81). Of course, home court advantage is negated here since the games will be held in New Orleans. North Carolina will have Brady Manek and Armando Bacot leading the team. But the strength of these two will be balanced out by a younger roster of first- and second-year players.

Duke is, however, the favorite to win the game, at -4. Based on previous games, it looks like this will be a very close game here. But its hard to look at the history between the two teams as this is the first time that Duke and North Carolina will be facing each other this close to the finals. But with six potential first-round picks for the NBA playing in this game, this is going to be explosive. If you do not have your sportsbook up and running yet, check these sportsbook pay per head reviews and get your sportsbook up and running in no time.


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