DraftKings Becomes the Official Sportsbook of Oregon

DraftKings Becomes the Official Sportsbook of Oregon

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DraftKings Becomes the Official Sportsbook of OregonLast year, the Oregon Lottery made a unanimous decision to switch from the SBTech Scoreboard app to the DraftKings platform. Since then, sports bettors have eagerly been awaiting the actual date for the switch. Yesterday, the Oregon Lottery sent emails to all of their sportsbook customers telling them about the official sportsbook switch. With this email, DraftKings Becomes the Official Sportsbook of Oregon.

Residents of Oregon are no strangers to sports betting as it is one the first states to authorize betting hubs. However, they chose to abandon it in 2008 due to issues for the state to host the NCAA basketball tournament. In 2019, Oregon Sports wagering was once again legal with sports betting available via tribal casinos and their Scoreboard App. The Scoreboard App is from the SBTech and has been in use for 3 years in Oregon.

Even though SBTech is an excellent sports betting platform, the change was made for a more American gaming app. Interestingly enough, DraftKings is now using SBTech to power their sports betting engine. Therefore, Oregon residents will technically still be using SBtech to place their bets.

DraftKings Becomes the Official Sportsbook of Oregon and will Start on January 18

The Oregon Lottery is very happy at the transition from the Scoreboard App to DraftKings for its Mobile betting needs. According to Matt Shelby from the Oregon Lottery, the DraftKings platform more user friendly and has more betting options. This includes the ability to make same game parlay bets.

In addition, the cost of using the platform is cheaper which means Oregon makes more money from sports gambling. This is because DraftKings uses fewer third-party service providers and a simpler financial structure for bettors.

According to Gambling Software news, current Scoreboard users in Oregon will begin to transition to DraftKings on January 18. This means Scoreboard customers will be able to create a DraftKings account and transfer their funds over to DraftKings App. Even though the Scoreboard app will remain active to settle open wagers, most functionality will be taken out. After that date, Scoreboard gamblers will only have access to their history, withdrawal facilities and information for 6 months.

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