Reasons to Add a Racebook to Your Sportsbook

Reasons to Add a Racebook to Your Sportsbook

Is it Worth it to Add a Racebook to Your Sportsbook?Horse betting is a popular hobby with a rich heritage that spans thousands of years. Horse racing dates back to 4500 BC in Central China since they are the first to domesticate horses. Of course, plenty of horse wagering was going at these events. This is probably because it is human nature to use any sporting event as an excuse to place a wager. Today, this remains the same. Therefore, let’s go into more reason to Add a Racebook to your Sportsbook to increase your profits,

While the history of horse betting is incomplete, everyone agrees that modern racebooks comes from Britain around the 1600s. Since then, the popularity of horse betting has spread throughout the world and is a big money maker for bookies.

This is why a horse betting platform and software is now a common part of any successful sportsbook. The majority of sports gamblers stick to betting on popular races like the Kentucky Derby or the Dubai World Cup. However, in actuality that is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to profiting from horse betting.

 Is it Worth it to Add a Racebook to Your Sportsbook?

There are thousands of horse tracks around the world from Asia to North America and Europe. Furthermore, many countries rank horse racing as one of their most popular sports. For example, Australia boasts over 300 horse racing track while Japan has over 20,000 horse races per year!

If your sports betting business is in the U.S, no worries. This is because the horse racing industry in the U.S. is worth over $115 billion per year. Needless to say, adding a racebook to your sportsbook is well worth it.

The best part is that adding a Racebook is not that difficult with the right Pay Per Head Provider. For example,, the leading PPH Service in the world offers a racebook as part of their normal package. Therefore, for $5 or less, bookies can offer a racebook with all major tracks around the world to their players.

Furthermore, their sportsbook software and services include more than just sports betting and live betting. Bookies also get an online casino, a live dealer casino and even a prop bet generator!

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