Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight Results

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight Results

Last updated on April 18th, 2021 at 02:08 am

Jake Paul might be a YouTuber, but he now has a knockout victory against a professional fighter. The Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight ended in the first round. Paul scored a TKO over the former MMA fighter.

Paul jabbed Askren, who looked stiff right from the start of the match. Also, the older fighter is not known as a striker throughout his MMA career. He tried to figure out how he can get closer to the faster and younger opponent.

According to pay per head reports, Paul showed solid boxing technique. Askren tried to turn it into a dirtier fight. However, he failed to get close. Then, Paul landed an overhand that sent Askren down to the floor. Although Askren beat the count, the referee stopped the fight.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren Fight ResultsAskren protested the referee’s decision. However, the replay showed that Askren walked sideways while moving forward. According to a bookie guide to a good sportsbook, Askren was smiling in backstage after the match. Although he lost, he earned $500,000.

Paul said he trained for four months. Thus, he deserved the win. Also, the YouTuber doesn’t know how many times he needs to prove himself. However, Paul still needs to fight against trained boxers to be taken seriously by boxing fans.

According to a sportsbook pay per head blog, his first match was against AnEsonGib, another YouTuber. It was a TKO finish in the first round. Also, his second match was against former NBA player Nate Robinson. It resulted in a KO.

After beating Askren, people wonder whether Paul would try to establish himself as a boxer or continue fighting for money. Askren said that he wasn’t nervous going into the match. Also, he said that he knew it was a fun boxing match, and his life doesn’t change whether he wins or loses.

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