Premier League Teams to Scrap Pay-Per-View Model During Second Lockdown

Premier League Teams to Scrap Pay-Per-View Model During Second Lockdown

Premier League teams are getting rid of the controversial pay-per-view model for games during the second lockdown. Also, they will look for a new scheme to cover the Christmas season. Although there’s no definitive decision made during a meeting among shareholders last Thursday, fans can expect the league to drop the £14.95 fee.

The Premier League will revert to showing all the games live via the league’s broadcast partners. Although shareholders will still discuss the pay-per-view scheme, people should not expect a final decision this week.

According to Bookie PPH Blog sources, shareholders met to discuss several issues, including the broadcast options after the FIFA window. They will announce the broadcast solution once shareholders finalized it.

Premier League Teams Look for Solution

Premier League Teams to Scrap Pay-Per-View Model During Second LockdownFans raised more than £300,000 for charity as they boycott the pay-per-view matches. The Premier League introduced the pay-per-view option in October after teams voted 19-1 in its favor.

Fans described the decision to charge a fee to watch games as disgraceful. Some fans said that £14.95 was too expensive and want the price to be lower. After the shareholders’ meeting, fans were happy that club owners listened to them.

Football fans want to see their favorite teams play. Due to the lockdown, they can’t go to stadiums to watch the games live. Thus, the only way to watch games is through TV broadcasts. However, £14.95 is too steep for most fans.

England announced a second lockdown that will be until December 2. Thus, fans will not be allowed in stadiums. Fans hope that Premier League games will be available through broadcast partners that include BT Sport, Amazon Prime, BBC, and Sky Sports.

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