No Pay Cut for Chelsea’s First Team Players

No Pay Cut for Chelsea’s First Team Players

Chelsea’s first team will have no pay cut. However, they will support other charitable causes. Bookie software sources reported that the team would take a ten percent cut in April. However, it looks like talks with the players didn’t materialize. As a result, there will be no pay cuts.

The Chelsea board told its players that they should continue supporting charities, especially the NHS. Now, the first team will not contribute to the club financially. The board thanked the team for their part in helping the club with various community activities. Also, the board knows that players are doing their part in helping their home countries during the pandemic.

According to a sportsbook for agents, discussions will continue between the players and the club. Captain Cesar Azpilicueta represents the players during the talks. The players are willing to take a pay cut lower than ten percent. However, the club said that there’s no agreement between Chelsea and the players at present.

No Pay Cut for Players

Chelsea will not use the job retention scheme for the government. Instead, it is paying its staff in full. Also, the club doesn’t plan any furloughs or redundancies among its full-time staff members. Chelsea will continue to support the professional women players and its women’s academy initiatives.

Arsenal players and head coach Mikel Arteta agreed to a 12.5 percent cut of their salaries. Bournemouth, Tottenham, and Liverpool reversed their decisions to place staff on leave without pay during the pandemic.

In the Premier League, Newcastle United was the first team to place non-playing employees on temporary leave. Norwich also put its staff on the government’s job retention program.

Chelsea will credit season ticket holders for games played without fans in the stands for the remainder of the season. Also, the club will reimburse fans with non-refundable travel for the postponed Champions League match at Bayern Munich.