Strategies for Football Betting

Last updated on December 23rd, 2018 at 09:52 am

You cannot talk about sports betting and not think of football. It is, after all, one of the hottest sports to bet on. The action on football games are very high, and if you have a pay per head for bookie, you can earn a lot from wagers placed in your sportsbook. The thing about betting on football, though, is that a lot of bettors are mostly recreational bettors, so long-term winning is not something you see a lot with these types. This is where strategies for football betting comes in.

Football fans are very, very passionate and loyal. This loyalty extends to sports betting, where they tend to bet on their home teams, their school teams, and other sentimental reasons. This gives bookies an advantage in setting lines, since these bettors rarely consider the odds. As a bettor, you should know how this can be an advantage to you.

Strategies for Football Betting and Winning

First off, when popular teams play, sharks emerge. Sharks, as you may know, are bettors who try to take advantage of favored bets and bet on the other side of the line, or fading the public. Bookies keep an eye out for them, especially the expert sharks. But if you find odds where you see a lot of recreational bettors place wagers on one side of the line, you can usually grab that opportunity to bet on the other side and win more.

Second, you always should look for any movement in lines. The trick here, is to see where the line moves and wait until you think it is at its peak and then place your bet. This allows you to get the maximum potential to get the best odds in a game.

Third, is to still be cautious about the odds. Going against a public bet option is usually profitable, but this does not apply to all games. This may work for Monday Night Football, or games by the Cowboys, the Steelers, or the Patriots, but pay attention to the odds. The score matters, but only if it matches the odds you wager on.

You could, also, bet on the moneyline and maximize your value. This is a safe way to turn a profit, but not fool-proof. Of course, if everyone does this, it might pay off more to go the other way. There is always the option of going for the underdog, too.