Buffalo Wild Wings may add Sports Betting

Buffalo Wild Wings may add Sports Betting to its Menu

Last updated on November 28th, 2018 at 12:21 pm

Buffalo Wild Wings may add Sports Betting The sports bar and restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings is looking to add a new item to their menu.  According to an interview with ESPN, Buffalo Wild Wings may add Sports Betting as an option in the near future.  This is because the chain believes they are in a unique position to take advantage of legal sports betting.

As the largest sports bar chain in America, they are able to make a difference in the sports betting industry.   This is because they are “uniquely positioned to leverage sports gaming to enhance the restaurant experience”, the chain said.

Buffalo Wild Wings or B-Dubs is known for promoting major sporting events like March Madness and the NFL Draft. In fact, these events are quite popular and adding sports betting would make the chain even more popular and profitable.

Sports Betting and Chicken and Beer, Oh My!

As a company with 1,238 locations and over 44,000 employees, B-Dubs could change the sports betting industry in America.  This is because sports betting, chicken wings and beer has always been a great combination in the gambling world.

Of course, not all locations would offer sports betting because only a few states currently have legalized sports betting. However, iGambling experts believe that within 1 year, at least 15 states will have legalized sports betting. In addition, by 2023, gambling studies show that at least 32 state will have legalized sports gambling.

Buffalo Wild Wings have not shared how they would integrate sports betting into their chain of bar and restaurants.  Some speculate that they could use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head company like PricePerPlayer.com to start their own brand. On the other hand, others believe that they would just partner with an already existing casino or sportsbook.

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