Agents Maximize Football Betting Profits with a Bookie Pay Per Head

Agents Maximize Football Betting Profits with a Bookie Pay Per Head

Agents Maximize Football Betting Profits with a Bookie Pay Per HeadThe 2018-2019 NFL and NCAA Football season is quickly approaching and bookies are scrambling acquire and retain players. This is because Football bettors are known for betting on a regular basis which makes them highly profitable players.  Thus, it is the perfect time for agents to open their own sportsbook or switch to a better PPH. is the solution for agents to maximize their Football Betting Profits with a Bookie Pay Per Head.

At the moment, bookies and sportsbook are advertising their sports betting services everywhere on the internet.  This is because if they can get players early, they will keep them during the entire football season. Thus, it means a bookie will have a steady source of income for at least 6 months!

In conclusion, using a Bookie PPH service like, agents and bookies are able to start acquiring players right away.

Football Betting is a Growing Industry with Plenty of Profits to Share

This year, the competition for bettors will be fierce because states can now make football betting legal within their borders.  However, only a few states have legalized sports betting at the moment and if a bookie can acquire players now, they will not have to worry about the competition.

Football betting is a billion dollar industry with close to 60% of the revenue coming from football betting. In addition, since the legalization of sports betting, gambling experts predict that industry will double within the next 5 years.

Thus, there is room for everyone to profit from it but the early birds will profit the most.

How a Bookie Pay Per Head can Maximize Your Football Betting Profits

Bookie Pay Per Head ServiceNo Waiting Time – On average, it will take between 6-14 months to start a sportsbook from the ground up.  However, this is not the case with because they already have the infrastructure, staff and sports betting software.

In fact, it will only take a few minutes to get your sportsbook up and running with as the whole process is automated.  Furthermore, no personal information is required and you even get the first 2 Week for Free with no deposit necessary.

Cost Efficient – Opening a sports betting operation from scratch will cost you close to half a million dollar minimum.  This is because the sports betting software is alone is worth $150,000 to $250,000.  In addition, running a bookie operation requires a solid infrastructure, support staff and a decent size bankroll.

By using, the Best Bookie Pay Per Head provider you get all of that for only $5 per player.

Ton of Sports Betting Options – A Bookie PPH like gives your players hundreds of football betting options and thousands of sports betting options. This is because they offer sports betting all American sports as well as several sports leagues around the world.

In addition, offers hundreds of live in-game betting and other football betting options. Thus, Bookies can double their profits because the more betting options they have, the more their players will bet.

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