Sportsbook Social Media Network Management

Bookie Marketing Tutorial – Sportsbook Social Media Network Management

Sportsbook Social Media Network ManagementNow that you are using a Sportsbook PPH Service to run and manage your sportsbook, you can concentrate on advertising. This is because a Sportsbook Pay Per Head allows you to focus on customer service and expanding your bookie operation.  One of the best ways to do that is by using social media to market your sportsbook. In this Bookie tutorial, we will give you some tips on Sportsbook Social Media Network Management.

As your social media network grows, it can become quite a chore to manage all of your pages and groups. In addition, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the contacts you made via social networks.

For example, if you made a potential player on Facebook and later down the road that player contacts you again. It could be embarrassing to not remember who that person is and where you met them and cost you a client.

Thus, to help you manage your networks, here are some tips and tricks to help keep a handle on them.

Sportsbook Social Media Management Tips and Tricks

Keeping Track of your Connections via a Phone App

They are several ways to keep track of all of the connections you make on social media websites.  The best way is to use an App on your phone that can keep track of all of your contacts.  In addition, this App should have a note feature, sorting options, where you met them and so on.

Another option is a spreadsheet to keep track of your contacts.  However, keep in mind that they are awkward to use on a smart phone and limited in its functionality.

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Some Connections are worth more than others

Let’s be honest, some clients and leads are worth more than others.  Would you rather have a player that bets $100 a week year round or one that bets $1,000 a week year round?  In addition, which is worth more, a player that only bets with you or one that bets and refers his friends to bet with you?

Even though you want to spend more time with contacts that have more value, do not neglect the other contacts. This is because you never know what connection might pay off down the road.

Categorize your Social Media Contacts

Categorizing your contacts is well worth it because it allows to sorting contact faster and more efficiently.  Furthermore, by having contacts in set categories, it will allow you to send specific messages to specific groups.