South Korean Olympic Committee to Send Athletes to a Boot Camp

South Korean Olympic Committee to Send Athletes to a Boot Camp

South Korean Olympic Committee wants to send hundreds of athletes to a boot camp. Its goal is to improve the athletes’ mental toughness for the Summer Olympics. Also, the Korean Sports and Olympic Committee advised local associations to send their athletes to a three-day training at the Korea Marine Corps camp.

On Thursday, committee officials announced that about 320 participants will attend the boot camp. While other sports federations have suggested marine-style training for athletes in the lead-up to major competitions, this is the first time the Olympic Committee has made such a recommendation, according to sports news reports.

South Korea got third place in the gold medal tally at the Asian Games in China in October. It is behind only Japan and China. Thus, authorities decided to establish the boot camp.

South Korean media reported that following the Asian Games, Olympic Committee chairman Lee Kee-heung suggested a marine camp training program and stated that athletes, along with other senior committee members, would be participating. Internet and social media platforms in South Korea were inundated with criticism and ridicule of the Olympic committee’s proposal.

South Korean Olympic Committee to Send Athletes to a Military Camp

South Korean Olympic Committee to Send Athletes to a Boot CampPeople who bet on sports want to learn more about the Pohang camp scheduled for December 18–20. However, the Korean Marine Corps and the Olympic Committee are still discussing the details. Fencing, wrestling, and handball athletes had to complete rappelling courses and balance 310-pound inflatable boats on their heads as part of their pre-Olympic preparation at a maritime camp.

The Associated Press contacted the South Korean wrestling and breakdancing organizations, who stated that their members would not send their players to the marine camp due to planned events.

After enduring decades of conflict, widespread poverty, and military rule, South Korea is now a democratic cultural and economic superpower. However, many in South Korea still see Olympic and World Cup victories as symbols of national pride, and issues with training culture have frequently taken a back seat to victories. If a male athlete wins a gold medal at the Asian Games and any medal in the Olympics, he is excused from serving 18 to 21 months in the military.

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