Sportsbook Trends – Quick Hitter Bets

Sportsbook Trends – Quick Hitter Bets

Sportsbook Trends – Quick Hitter BetsThe next generation of sports bettors are somewhat different then your old school sports gamblers. While both generations enjoy betting on sports, they differ in the type of betting action they enjoy. This is because today’s players enjoy fast action and almost instant gratification. Thus, when live betting came about, they quickly took to it and made it their own. Today, this sports betting trend is known as making Quick Hitter Bets and is showing no sign of stopping.

Live Betting has been available on the sports betting scene for a few decades now. Unlike traditional sports gambling, it became available thanks to the internet. This is because it allows bettors to place wagers on sporting events as the action unfolds. That is something that would have been impossible without the internet and modern sportsbook software.

Live in-Game betting, live betting or Quick Hitter Bets are really just a form of prop bets. This is because sportsbooks simply create unconventional sports betting odds while a game is taking place. In addition, live wagers can be made with any type of sporting event. It can be from which pitcher will strike out a batter first to which team will score first in basketball. However, what they all have in common is that the outcome of the bet is quickly decided. Hence its nickname, Quick Hitter Bets!

Does this mean that the next generation gamblers are impatient and rely more on luck then research and strategy? Or is there perhaps more to it than meets the eyes?

Quick Hitter Bets – Fast Action and Instant Gratification

For some bettors, betting on the money line, totals, parlays and other traditional wagers is not for them. This is because to them, waiting an entire game with money at stake can be too stressful for them. In addition, they are looking for fast gratification which can only happen with a prop bet.

It is not unusual to see a live bet over in just a few seconds after the start of a game. In fact, some could say that people nowadays have a shorter attention span. However, this is just what people on the surface.

This is because their reasons for making a quick hitter bet is more than just that.

Low-Risk, High Payouts

A Bookie makes money from sports betting by charging a commission for taking bets. Thus, they do make money from both side of a wager and not from people that lose their bet. This is why they create odds on who has the best chance of winning a game and the worst chance.

However, for some players, they do not want like betting the favorite on the money line. This is because you have to risk more, to win less. On the other hand, a Quick Hitter Wager is different since they are prop bets. Thus, players are able to make small bets with bigger rewards. It is much more attractive to them to make a $10 bet to win $150 then to make a $10 bet to win $5.

Today, those who want to be a bookie need to take these aspects into consideration before they start their business. Therefore, it is essential to offer prop bets and live betting in order to attract the next generation in bettors

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