2023 Pro Bowl Guide for Sports Betting

2023 Pro Bowl Guide for Sports Betting

You can offer the best NFL Super Bowl odds through our bookie software at PricePerPlayer.com. It is the biggest sports betting event of the year. And if you own a sportsbook, you are likely to earn a lot from it. But there is another event in the NFL that is also very popular with bettors, and this is the Pro Bowl. This year’s event will be a little different, so we are giving you this 2023 Pro Bowl Guide to help you figure out where you will want to put your money on.

Traditionally, the Pro Bowl is just simply a one-game event. It’s an exhibition game between the NFC and the AFC. But this year, we will be seeing two days that have a full schedule of events. These games feature a lot of betting opportunities, and it may involve dodgeball.

Your trusted sportsbook pay per head blog will help you find out more about football betting, so we will focus on what to expect for the Pro Bowl events. We have already seen Thursday’s events, and many fans are torn if they will want to see a repeat of these games next year. There was a dodgeball tournament between offensive and defensive players of each conference. The Lightning Round was also a great game, which involved water balloons, buckets, and getting coaches wet.

2023 Pro Bowl Guide

2023 Pro Bowl Guide for Sports Betting

Thursday’s events are obviously made to make the break between the conference finals and the Super Bowl a little more exciting. For those who use the best sportsbook pay per head, they also earned more. But for February 5, Sunday, you have even more interesting events to cover.

You have individual events like the Best Catch, which is similar to the Slam Dunk contest of the NBA. There will also be a relay race called the Gridiron Gauntlet. This is where bowlers will compete in a relay of walls, climbing, crawling, tire runs, and more. There is another event called Move the Chains. Here, teams will compete over who will be the fastest team to pull a wall loaded up with weights in 10 yards using first-down chains.

You have Kick Tac Toe, as well as Flag Football. There will be a scoring system to determine if the AFC or the NFC wins the Pro Bowl this year. Each skill competition winner will earn three points for their conference score. Meanwhile, flag football scores will be 6 points each. The league is hoping that a new format will shake things up and energize fans who may be bored with the single game Pro Bowl of the past.

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