Super Bowl Referee Carl Cheffers Good for Under Wagers

Super Bowl Referee Carl Cheffers Good for Under Wagers

Many National Football League fans had a lot of complaints about the officiating during the playoffs. For example, many people still wonder why the refs gave a third-down redo to Kansas City. Also, some fans argued that refs missed an offensive hold during Patrick Mahome’s last scramble. They hope Super Bowl referee Carl Cheffers will do a better job during the big event.

The NFL named Carl Cheffers as a Super Bowl referee for the third time in the last seven years. However, he will not have his usual crew because the league usually assigns an all-star team for the biggest football game of the season.

Unders Good with Super Bowl Referee Carl Cheffers

Super Bowl Referee Carl Cheffers Good for Under WagersSince 2010, Carl Cheffers has worked a total of 12 postseason games. Eleven of those 12 games had a total under. Super Bowl LI, which Cheffers officiated, saw the New England Patriots return from a 28-3 deficit to overcome the Atlanta Falcons in overtime.

Earlier in the season, Cheffers was the referee for the playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals. According to NFL news reports, the Bengals triumphed 27-10, scoring far fewer points than predicted. As a whole, the under has cashed in by approximately 13 points in postseason games that Cheffers has refereed.

The deluge of penalties that Cheffers calls in games might be why the under usually wins when he’s on the call. Cheffers’ crew has had the most penalty calls in the previous two NFL seasons.

Cheffers called for 12.61 penalties per game, totaling 109.9 yards. During the 2017 NFL season, teams committed penalties at a rate of 11.1%, averaging 91.4 yards. As a result, 13.9 penalties for 124.1 yards were called per game by Cheffers last season. According to bookie pay per head sources, the typical team had 11.7 penalties for 100.9 yards.

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