Legal Sports Betting Update for 2023

Legal Sports Betting Update for 2023

Legal Sports Betting Update for 2023 and Which State to Watch Out forThis year, sports betting analysts expect a total of $16 billion in wagers on Super Bowl LVII. The main reason behind it is not because of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Instead, analysts believe it is because of a major increase in the availability of legal sports betting in the U.S. Thus, our Legal Sports Betting Update for 2023 will go over what to expect from specific state legislatures.

During the 2022 Super Bowl, 31.4 million Americans made a bet on the Super Bowl. Furthermore, sportsbooks form around the world took in $7.6 billion in Super Bowl wagers. This year, sports betting software providers expect 1 in 5 Americans to bet on the Super Bowl. That is around 50.4 million adult Americans betting on this event. So why is there such an increase in people gambling on the Super Bowl this year?

At the moment, 36 states and the Washington D.C. have legal sports betting. However, only 33 states have actual sportsbooks and mobile wagering available within their borders. In comparison to last year, that is 3 more states with legal sports betting. Furthermore, this year 3 more states will have actual in-person sports wagering available to its residents. In addition, Maryland also began online sports betting which will further increase the number of Super Bowl bettors.

Now that we are caught up with the current legal sports gambling landscape, let’s take a look at the future.

Legal Sports Betting Update for 2023 and Which State to Watch Out for

At the moment, several states have sports betting bills in the work for 2023 or at least discussions about it. Some of these states were not successful in legalizing it in the past but are hoping to succeed this year. However, other states have made it legal but are still working on the details before it can become available.

Georgia – Georgia lawmakers have been trying to legalize sports betting for a few without success. This is because it would need to change the state constitution which is quite difficult to do. However, this year may be different as lawmakers believe it can be done without a constitutional amendment. It would be done by making sports betting part of the state lottery. Therefore, they are currently working Bill SB 57 which would create the Georgia Sports Gambling Commission.

Kentucky – last year Kentucky made an attempt to legalize sports betting but without any success. However, lawmakers in Kentucky expect this year to be different as this bill will only focus on sports betting.

Missouri –Bill HB 556 and HB 581 are up for discussion in an effort to legalize sports gambling in the state. While supports of sports betting in Missouri were not successful last year, they are hoping this year will be different. The main reason for not passing last year was the VLT (Video Lotter Game Terminals) issue. However, if they can get pass it, then Missouri has a real shot at having legal sports wagering this year.

Texas – Legalizing gambling in Texas would be a big deal for the gambling industry. As one of the most populous in the U.S. those looking to open a sportsbook are eager for it. So far, gambling supports have introduced 6 bills to legalize sports betting and casino gambling.

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