How to Bet on the Tour de France

How to Bet on the Tour de France

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How to Bet on the Tour de France – A Simple Betting GuideEvery July, the most popular men’s bicycle race in the world takes place with hundreds of participants. This year, the Tour de France will begin on July 1, 2022 in Copenhagen Denmark and end in Paris France. As the most prestigious and well-known cycling race, there is a lot of betting take takes place. However, not many people know How to Bet on the Tour de France. Therefore, our Tour de France Betting tutorial will teach you how to do it!

The first thing you need to know about the race is that the race is approximately 3,500 kilometers. Participants are professional riders that form teams of 9 cyclists. The race itself is made up of 21 stages with different routes for each stage.

According to Pay Per Head Bookie services, the total prize money for this year’s race is around $2.4 million. The prize for the overall winner of the race is about $550,000. The rest of the prize money is given to teams and individual riders for their performance during the race. In addition, daily prizes are given each day from the state winner all down to the 20th place winner.

With this in mind, the setup of the race brings many opportunities for betting on the Tour de France.

How to Bet on the Tour de France – A Simple Betting Guide

The simplest bet to make, is of course to bet on who will win the overall race. The winner of the race is the rider that completes the entire race in the least amount of time. This year, the race has 198 riders and 22 teams participating. Therefore, this means that there are many ways to bet on the Tour de France.

Most Popular Bets to Make on the Tour De France

Bet on the Overall Winner – The overall or outright winner is the simplest bet you can make.  You just bet on who you think is going to win the Tour de France.

Points Winner – These odds predict who will win the Green or Points Jersey, obtained by accumulating the most points in stage finishes and intermediate sprints. It’s generally the best sprinter in the race who is favorite in these odds.

Climber’s Classification – You wager on who will win the Polka Dot or Climber’s Jersey. This is the rider who accumulates the most points on mountaintop finishes and King of the Mountains sectors. The overall winner can sometimes win this bet, too.

Top Three – This is where you bet on the top 3 finishers of the race. It’s like betting each-way in horse racing – you get odds on your rider finishing in the first three overall.

Top Ten – This is the same as Betting on the Top Three. The only difference is they go all the way down to 10th. This is a big risk, big reward type of wager. Interestingly enough, according to cycling news, this is one of the most popular Tour de France bet.

Stage Winner – There are 21 opportunities to back a stage winner at the Tour de France. Each stage is different, so it doesn’t matter if you just know about sprinters or climbers; every type of rider has their chance and therefore, so does every type of bettor.

Head-to-Head – With a head-to-head bet on the Tour de France, you pick two riders and determine who will finish first. This is mainly an overall bet, but sometimes there are head-to-head odds for a stage.

2022 Tour de France Betting odds – Top Riders to Win Betting Odds

  • Tadej Pogacar: +150
  • Primoz Roglic: +200
  • Remco Evenepoel: +500
  • Egan Bernal: +650
  • Tom Dumoulin: +1100
  • Geraint Thomas : +1600
  • Chris Froome: +2000
  • Thibaut Pinot: +2200

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