No Mobile Sports Betting in North Carolina

No Mobile Sports Betting in North Carolina

No Mobile Sports Betting in North Carolina this yearSports Betting has been legal in North Carolina since 2021 and currently has 2 retail sportsbooks available for sports wagering. However, sports gambling enthusiasts are still not able to place their bet online. Earlier this week, the North Carolina House of Representative took a vote on Bill 688 to legalize online sports betting. Unfortunately, the voting did not go well and there will be No Mobile Sports Betting in North Carolina.

According to Pay Per Head news, Rep. John Bell has been working on passing Bill 688 for over a year. Passing the bill would have made mobile sports gambling legal in North Carolina. However, despite his best effort, the House did not approve the Bill in a 51-50 vote against it.

Last week, supporters of online sports betting took a blow when SB 38 was taken off the house calendar. Just when they thought mobile sports betting was out of reach, yesterday SB 688 made it past the Senate floor. Unfortunately, that was as far as it went.

The only thing in regards to sports wagering in North Carolina that made it pass yesterday’s session is SB38.  It is a bill that would prohibit any type of gambling on college sports. It is due to have a third and final reading today on the house floor.

No Mobile Sports Betting in North Carolina this year

In the meanwhile, time is running out for any bill that would legalize mobile sports wagering in North Carolina. According to gambling industry news, this year’s legislation at the statehouse in Raleigh ends on June 30. Therefore, this means that any bill that is not approved by that date will have to wait until next year.

The main opponents to legal mobile sports wagering in NC is a coalition of social conservatives and liberal Democrats. Their main worry involves the dangers of gambling.

Despite having a large support base, mobile wagering will probably not become available this year. Some of these supporters include the state sports franchise like the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers. In addition, in-person sportsbooks are already getting ready for mobile sports betting with online bookie software solutions.

In the meanwhile, North Carolina residents who are close to a sportsbook will have to place their bet in person. Other will have to travel to a neighboring state like Tennessee and Virginia, where mobile wagering is legal.

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