Become a Bookie Master Agent with a Pay Per Head

Become a Bookie Master Agent with a Pay Per Head

Become a Bookie Master Agent with a Pay Per HeadAs legal sports betting is becoming more common, many people are looking for ways to profit from it. However, not everyone wants to open an online sportsbook or be in the spotlight of the sports gambling industry. Therefore, the solution is to Become a Bookie Master Agent with a Pay Per Head bookie service!

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs want to remain anonymous in the gambling world. This is because gambling is still seen in a negative light in some parts of the world. Hence, the switch of the term, Gambling to Gaming by gambling providers. In addition, running a successful sportsbook operation is hard work that requires long hours and a lot of stress. Needless to say, many people pursue different paths when it comes to making a profit in the gambling industry.

For example, many people choose to join gambling affiliate program to profit from gambling. While these programs allow gambling portals to make a living, it is by no means easy. This is because it requires having a lot of content, connections and hard work. In addition, the earnings made from sportsbook or casino affiliate programs can sometimes go in the negative.  This is because many affiliate programs have a negative carry-over.

Then, there is the Bookie Master Agent solution.

What is Bookie Master Agent?

Traditionally, a Master Bookie Agent is an agent that has-sub-agents working for them. This allows them to have a longer reach and more clients with minimal work. However, they are still responsible to a certain degree with payouts and deposits. The main difference is that they have the bookie sub-agents doing the work for them.

Bookie sub-agents receive a commission from the profits by their players which is the responsibility of the Master Agent. In addition, depending on the deal they make they are also responsible for a portion of the player payouts. Becoming a traditional master agent does require a decent bankroll but the returns can be huge.

Then, there is also the Bookie Master Agent who only provides a bookie Pay per head service to other bookies. The difference between them and a Bookie Pay Per head is they are using the resources of a PPH Company. Thus, you can think of them as resellers with complete control over their bookie agents.  One way to look at them is to see them as a master affiliate.

Becoming a bookie master agent is very easy and hold many advantages. For example, a person can be a sportsbook owner and a master bookie agent at the same time. At least they can if they use the Sportsbook Pay Per Head services. This is because when bookies sign-up with us, they can be a bookie Master agent or a normal bookie.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Reasons to Become a Bookie Master Agent with a Pay Per Head Bookie Service

Entering the Gambling Industry and Remaining Under the Radar

Being a Bookie Master Agent let’s you stay under the radar because you are not operating a sportsbook. Instead, you are simply providing bookies with a sports betting platform service. Furthermore, you never have to deal with players or collecting money since other agents are doing the work for you. All you really need to do is make sure

Potential for Huge Profits

When becoming a Bookie Master Agent with as a reseller, the profits potentials are huge. This is because the average PPH price is about $10 per player while we charge as low as $2 per player.  Needless to say, you can resell our service for $10 per player and make a large profit.

For example, if you have a sub-agent with 200 weekly active players and charge $10 per player you make $2,000. Then, you just pay us, the $2-$5 per player and subtract that from the $2,000 and that is your profit! It does not get any easier than that!

Become a Bookie Master Agent with

Bookie Pay Per Head Service