Why Consider Home Field Advantage When Betting on Soccer

Why Consider Home Field Advantage When Betting on Soccer

Last updated on May 9th, 2021 at 10:04 am

You must analyze every detail of the football game before choosing which side to wager on. Several variables can affect the outcome of the game. One of which is the home field advantage.

Most sharp players wager no more than ten to fifteen bets each month. They want to analyze the sports events they choose thoroughly. Thus, they go through different factors: the shape of the roster, last performances, and direct matches of the squads.

They also consider the home field advantage. It is one of the vital factors that can affect the result of the match. Teams playing at home won games 50 percent of the time, drew 25 percent, and lost 25 percent. Thus, there’s no denying that playing at home has its benefits.

Home Field Advantage in Soccer

Why Consider Home Field Advantage When Betting on SoccerIn the World Cup, the home team qualified for the quarterfinals 17 out of 20 tournaments. Also, home teams got to the semis 13 times. Six World Cup winners were home teams. Thus, the best pay per head bookie provider usually gives home squads some buffer in the odds.

From 2011 to 2015, analysts looked at 80,000 games from leagues across the globe. They wanted to see if playing on the home field improves the winning rate. According to the sportsbook software report, home teams in Albania, Serbia, and Bosnia have a 55 percent win rate. On the other hand, the country with the lowest home winning rate is Malta, with home teams winning only 38 percent of the time.

Among the tournaments, the UEFA Champions League has the highest win rate for home teams with 50 percent. It is not a surprise considering squads playing in the Champions League want to have a good result at home.

That concludes our sports betting tutorial on the benefits of home field when wagering on soccer. Hopefully, the knowledge can help you decide which team to choose in the next soccer match.

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