Louisiana Sportsbooks May Get Upgrades Soon

Louisiana Sportsbooks May Get Upgrades Soon

Louisiana is a huge sports fan state. Home to the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans, as well as the Louisiana State Tigers, New Orleans residents know their sports. Not only that, but they also know about sports betting. And just before football season begins this year, Louisiana sportsbooks may get upgrades soon.

If you know how a sportsbook pay per head works, then you will see that you can offer more than just odds on sports games. You can expand to casinos, racebooks, and offer esports betting as well as fantasy sports. This is one market that the Louisiana betting industry wants to explore. And since voters approved this back in the 2018 elections, it will be easier to launch fantasy sports in the state.

Louisiana Sportsbooks May Offer More Soon

Louisiana Sportsbooks May Get Upgrades SoonThe best sportsbook pay per head providers can help you offer your players a full-service gambling experience, and many want to maximize this. Already, there are two companies who are applying in Louisiana to offer fantasy sports betting in the state. If all things happen as scheduled, then these services may be open just before football season. It will be a bit challenging for these companies, however, with the state’s limits.

Back in 2018, 47 out of 64 parishes voted for fantasy sports, but 17 parishes did not approve. So, when any company would want to offer fantasy sports, they have to make sure that their services are geotagged. Those within the 17 parishes should not get access to fantasy sports betting. While this will be hard, the tech industry is no stranger to helping bookies protect your bookie business. As long as these companies can prove that they can limit access in these parishes, then they will have little problems getting their applications approved.

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