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Bookie News: Sports Betting Bill in Georgia Finally Gets Approved

Previous efforts to legalize sports betting in Georgia have always faced rejection. The last bill attempting to introduce sports betting was SB 403 back in March, but also faced rejection by the Senate. However, concerns on raising funds to deal with the state’s budget deficit may be the saving grace of the state’s gambling industry. A sports betting bill in Georgia finally gets approval.

House Bill 903, which mainly focuses on motor vehicle tickets, also includes sports betting legislation. This bill was approved by the Senate Special Judiciary Committee. The next step would be to face the full senate for approval. If this bill passes, the tax revenues that the state will collect will go to Georgia’s HOPE scholarship.

Sports Betting Bill in Georgia

sports betting in GeorgiaIn case you still do not know how much a bookie can make, you can check out how to be a bookie for dummies. Georgia is potentially a large gambling market for sportsbooks to tap. As such, the state can definitely generate millions in tax revenue in the years to come. And with other US states earning a lot in tax revenues, sports betting is becoming a popular option for states to collect revenue on.

The bill, if passed, will allow the Georgia Lottery to operate sports betting activities online. So, to create a sportsbook website that will offer odds on professional and collegiate sports on a very accessible platform is very promising. Especially since there are no commercial casinos in Georgia- all bets will be made online.

There remains a debate on whether a constitutional amendment will be necessary to allow this. Or, if the General Assembly can do this independently. A good way to circumvent this problem is to either allow the state lottery to manage the industry, or offer a ballot referendum. Either way, a lot of sports bettors are looking forward to see a sports betting industry launch in Georgia soon.

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