Can Online Gambling Save the Sports Betting Industry?

Can Online Gambling Save the Sports Betting Industry?

Can Online Gambling Save the Sports Betting Industry?Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, several industries are having a difficult time staying alive.  As governments around the world are telling businesses to temporarily shut down, this is directly affecting their finances. Furthermore, as sporting events are on hiatus and casinos are closing their doors, the gambling industry is in real trouble. Some gambling analysts believe that online gambling is the solution.  However, can Online Gambling Save the Sports Betting Industry?

In some cities and communities, sports betting and casinos are very important to their economic well-being. For example, Atlantic City is currently in dire jeopardy.  This is because gambling accounts for 80% of their revenue directly and indirectly. Furthermore, they are not the only communities that rely on gambling around the world.

The problem is that without any sporting events to bet on, even online gambling is useless. Add the shutting down of casinos, the outlook for the gambling industry looks bleak. However, most online sportsbooks do offer a variety of gambling options from online casinos to online poker. Even though it will not generate as much money, it may be enough to keep them from going bankrupt.

Can Online Gambling Save the Sports Betting Industry – The Pay Per Head Solution

Even though the situation is dire and industry analysts are predicting several layoffs, online gambling could help the situation. Furthermore, Pay Per Head Providers could help sportsbook and casino operations because of their low-cost of operation.

As people are staying at home and unable to visit sportsbooks, online gambling is the only way to gamble. By using a Bookie Pay Per Head service, bookies only need to pay per active players.  Therefore, they have no overhead cost making it affordable to keep their operations going.

Furthermore, PPH providers like offers hundreds of online casino games and even a live dealer casino.  Thus, even without only a few sports betting options, bookies are still able to earn a living.

The challenge for the sports betting industry will be to convert sports bettors into casino players.  That and having sport bettors wager on different sports. Companies that were able to convert their players to online players are already a step of the curve.  However, the longer the outbreak remains, the more difficult it will be for gambling providers to remain afloat.

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