How to Start a Sportsbook Pay Per Head

How to Start a Sportsbook Pay Per Head

How to Start a Sportsbook Pay Per Head in five minutes or lessNow that states are scrambling to legalize sports betting, several bookies and entrepreneur are looking into opening their own sportsbook. Since most bookies do not have the bankroll to start a sportsbook from scratch, they are using the Sportsbook PPH Solution. In this tutorial we will teach you How to Start a Sportsbook Pay  Per Head in five minutes or less.

The Sportsbook Pay Per Head Solution is ideal because it enables anyone to start a sportsbook without a large investment.  This is because if you use a, your monthly overhead expenses will only by $5 per player. Thus instead of spending money on rent, utilities and support staff, you only pay a flat fee for the service.

In addition, a Sportsbook Pay Per Head is a time saver because it allows you to open a gambling operation right away. Furthermore, you get an experienced gambling company to walk you through each steps needed to have a successful sportsbook.

Open a Sportsbook Pay Per Head in Five Minutes or Less

Opening a Sportsbook Pay Per Head is so easy that it only takes a few paragraph to describe the process.

Step. 1 Open a PPH Account

Go to and register for an account.  You can choose an “Agent” account where you have your own bookie operation and an unlimited number of players.  The other choice is a “Distributor” account where you have agents below that account and have your own PPH service.

Step 2. Create and Manage your Players/Bettors

Just login to your PPH account, click on “Edit Accounts” and start creating and editing your players.  This section will allow you to not only create players but also manage your players.  Thus enabling you to set wagering limits, give credit, keep track of deposits and enable player betting options.

Step 3.  Collect Money

Once your players start playing in the player websites, you will be collecting money from them in no time!

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