NFL Officiating is Broken, According to Team Executives and Coaches

NFL Officiating is Broken, According to Team Executives and Coaches

According to most team executives and coaches, NFL officiating is broken. A video from the league officiating officials explained the rules for reporting a change of position. Also, it showed the controversial ending of the Lions vs. Cowboys game last Saturday.

The frustration among club staff members was due less to the video’s interpretation of the rules. In addition, they felt that the league is gatekeeping, which is responsible for the mistakes in officiating.

According to the coaches and executives from both the NFC and AFC who talked with NFL news outlets, most think that the officiating in the NFL is becoming worse rather than better. They say the main issue is not individuals with black and white stripes on stadium grounds. Instead, the main obstacles to reform are the mood of club owners and monitoring from the league headquarters in New York.

Because their officiating system depends on eyewitness evaluations, the NFL has long since acknowledged that human error is inevitable.

NFL Officiating is Broken


As the 2023 regular season draws to a close this Sunday, a source familiar with league statistics confirmed to sports news sources that officiating crews have improved on consistency (defined relative to the median crew’s calls) but have declined in accuracy. Also, they analyzed the data of the past five years. “Our focus this particular summer was on consistency,” Vincent said last month in response to a question about whether a lack of accuracy or consistency caused more problems.

A coach characterized the code as Byzantine. Officials are exacerbating the issue as the league sees a rise in trickery and deceit. To rephrase: coaches are strategies for evading or at least manipulating regulations in a game. When situations like Saturday night’s incident—in which Lions coach Dan Campbell attempted to trick Cowboys defenders by sending more than one player to an official despite only one player being declared eligible—occur, the officials and the Lions get into a misunderstanding about which player it was.

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