Sports Betting Revenue in New York Climbs High

Sports Betting Revenue in New York Climbs High

When looking for the latest news and developments in a sportsbook pay per head blog, you will come across a lot of sports betting reports from various markets around the world. These reports are relevant information for bookies to know because it helps you identify betting trends across various betting markets. For instance, knowing when betting is generally less active than other months will help you prepare your sportsbook operation. Similarly, knowing when a slump ends will also help you get ready for a busy season. Today, we will take a look at the sports betting revenue in New York.

According to the latest report from the New York Gaming Commission, sports betting revenue in New York climbs by 43% from last year’s numbers for the month of July. The numbers can seem a bit confusing for those who are new in sports betting. After all, the handle for July is the fourth straight month that the betting handle has decreased (17% month-over-month). And yet the handle is 20% higher year-on-year, and revenue increased by 43%. In essence, the market is following previous trends, and also continues to grow year-on-year. You can also track your own sportsbook’s data with the help of a reliable bookie software and see if your sportsbook’s activity is similar.

Sports Betting Revenue in New York: What the Numbers Say

Sports Betting Revenue in New York Climbs HighThe trend of decreasing monthly handle is at par with the national trend in sports betting in the US. The culprit is the local sports calendar that is absent of basketball and football betting. The handle drops from $1.16 billion in June to $962.1 million in July. However, revenue is at $105.1 million, 2% higher than the previous month. The hold percentage is at 10.9%. it should also be worth noting that these numbers do not include one operator, as they are reformatting their platform.

The numbers all tell us that we are at the point where the trends can turn around and start rising as we get closer to football season. Before you know it, we will be seeing the biggest winners in sports betting as we will have baseball, football, and basketball all actively in season. These three are, after all, the biggest and most popular sports in US sports betting. Make sure that you have the best bookie software in use, so that you can maximize your potential to earn in the months to come.


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