Desert Hero Wins Royal Ascot

Desert Hero Wins Royal Ascot

Last updated on June 25th, 2023 at 03:04 am

Jockey Tom Marquand and Desert Hero came out as the winner of the thrilling race at the Royal Ascot. Also, it is King Charles III’s first win at the horse racing festival. The King and Queen Camilla witnessed the exciting finish that saw Desert Hero finish an inch ahead of Valiant King.

Desert Hero started as the favorite among the 12 runners. Also, he won his previous three races this year. He faced a strong challenge from his rivals, especially from Silver Star, the defending champion, and Moonlight, the Irish challenger.

The race tested stamina and speed, as the horses had to cover 2.4 miles (4 km) on the turf. Desert Hero took the lead and maintained a steady pace throughout. According to sportsbook marketing experts, he was closely followed by Silver Star and Moonlight, who tried to overtake him several times.

According to bookie pay per head reports, thousands of fans cheered as cameras focused on the King and Queen at the royal box. Also, the royal couple walked to the winner’s enclosure to congratulate the victors. They also picked the trophy as the owners of the winning horse.

Desert Hero was Successful at the Royal Ascot

Desert Hero Wins Royal AscotThe Royal Ascot has been synonymous with the late Queen Elizabeth II. According to bookie marketing tutorials and news sites, she won 24 times at the horse racing festival.

The late Queen was fond of horse racing and adored attending the royal event conducted once yearly. While her legacy in the sport will consistently be recognized, organizers were determined to herald in a new era under the new Queen. Desert Hero beat the odds to offer precisely that.

The horse was not among the favorites at odds of 18-1 but finished with a fantastic pace along the finishing straight.

King Charles will have additional opportunities to add to his winning pile with five royal horses due to race during the event, which closes on Saturday.

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