PPH and Sportsbook Industry Sees Arizona Market Break Record

PPH and Sportsbook Industry Sees Arizona Market Break Record

The PPH and sportsbook industry keeps track of betting trends throughout the year. This is important in determining market trends, consumer behavior, and other factors that affects the industry. According to the latest reports, for Arizona, its March numbers not only increased, but broke the state record.

The state’s sportsbooks took in $690.979 million in wagers for March. This breaks the previous record in January of the same year, with a handle of $563.7 million. March’s handle is also 40.5% higher than February’s $491.6 million. If anything, these numbers should inspire those who want to open a sportsbook, seeing as confidence in the sports betting industry only continues to increase.

PPH and Sportsbook Industry Sees Arizona’s Growth

PPH and Sportsbook Industry Sees Arizona Market Break RecordBut the betting handle is not the only number the state’s sportsbooks should be proud of. The total gross wagering receipts in Arizona for March is $18.668 million. This is almost 3 times more than February’s gross gaming receipts of $6.8 million. Many in the sportsbook software industry attribute the high numbers from wagers on local teams.

To be specific, the NCAA tournaments’ Arizona Wildcats men’s and women’s basketball teams took in a lot of action in sportsbooks. March Madness is also said to be a huge contributor to the huge jump in sports betting in Arizona. This is also true across many Bookie PPH sportsbook owners in the country.

Looking at the numbers, online sports betting took in most of the wagers. Online sports betting takes $687.653 out of the $690.979 handle. This shows a 40.8% increase from February’s $488.311 million out of its $491.666 million mobile handle. Meanwhile, revenue is up by 171.9% in March, truly a great statistic to see.


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