Bookie Shares Golf Betting Tips to Earn More Profits

Bookie Shares Golf Betting Tips to Earn More Profits

Last updated on June 12th, 2022 at 04:36 pm

Betting on golf can be overwhelming. Like most sports, there are many names to choose from instead of only two sides. Also, you need to consider courses and tournament changes. For our guide, a bookie shares golf betting tips to help you earn more in the long run.

If you are new to golf betting, you should know one thing: not to wager on Tiger Woods. Although the man’s a legend, he hasn’t been winning in recent years. His last win on the PGA Tour was in 2019. Thus, betting on Woods is not worth it.

Bookie Shares Golf Betting Tips

Bookie Shares Golf Betting Tips to Earn More ProfitsAvoid using the Official World Golf Rankings as your guide to players when betting on golf. According to bookie software tutorials, the OWGR is inaccurate despite its Official label. Also, it is not a good source when you want to predict tournament results.

If you want a more accurate source, you should consider using the FedEx Cup Leaderboards or Stokes Gained to make more accurate predictions. Also, based on our experience running a long term bookie business, Strokes Gained is a better guide to knowing players’ odds of success.

Another thing to consider is the golf course. According to bookie pay per head blog sources, course conditions are never the same. Also, golfers today are more skillful than those in the past. As a result, picking the winner could depend on the course conditions and layout.

Checking the course layout can give you a perspective on who can win the tournament. Strokes Gained off the tee can help determine which golfer will have the most accessible second and third strokes.

Lastly, we recommend placing in-play wagers. It allows you to lessen the field to a smaller number of golfers. Also, there are many in-play wagering options. You can find one that best suits your betting preferences.

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